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HydroTube's extensive line of models produce a wide range of Hydrogen gas volumes, and open up amazing opportunities for home and industry.

Hydrogen is one of the cleanest and most powerful energy sources in the Universe, but it's gaseous properties make Hydrogen's energy density (energy per weight) compared to Hydrogen based molecules like propane, gasoline, or diesel much less dense. Hydrogen must either be used as it's produced (on-demand) or compressed and stored.

Compressed storage of Hydrogen provides gas in the quantity and at the pressure you need, when you need it, for such things as cutting and welding, heating, cooking, generation of electricity, or any other application that requires the use of a hydrocarbon based fuel.

A perfect example would be to locally produce and store Hydrogen made using wind or solar, as a primary, or backup, energy source for locations where access to electricity, or fuel to generate electricity, is not available or economical.

Storing compressed Hydrogen and Oxygen together (HHO) is extremely dangerous and can be life threatening, however storage of Hydrogen gas, that is free of Oxygen, can be safely compressed and stored, and is no more dangerous than compressed natural gas.  It should be noted that Hydrogen must be stored away from any sort of ignition source. including, but not limited to; spark, flame, heat, static electricity, etc., as you would any compressed flammable gas.

HydroTube generates Hydrogen that is suitable for compressing and storage, when operated and purified properly, and can provide Hydrogen or Oxygen with purities of 99+%.