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Designed for temperature extremes:

HydroTube has been tested and re-tested to operate the first time, every time, for cold temperature starts and dependable operation. When your process calls for Hydrogen the HydroTube starts delivering immediately and continue generating Hydrogen longer, and more efficiently than ever.

Designed for use in harsh environments:

Indoors, outdoors, rain or shine, HydroTube is designed to resist the environmental factors that can rob efficiency and eventually interfere with operation. We’ve minimized exposure of all metal components, and any that are exposed to the environment will not interfere with the operation of the generator.

Designed to maximize gas production in the configuration you require:

Every application environment is unique. The amount of gas required, space limitations, and source and availability of power all determine the right size and configuration for your application. No matter what your unique requirements are, HydroTube has a configuration that will deliver the gas you need, when it’s needed, efficiently and reliably every time.

Designed for operational endurance:

The HydroTube is designed to operate up to 4 hours at maximum recommended power, which is 295 watts per liter of H2, and ambient temperatures of up to 80ºF / 26.7ºC, as long as adequate electrolyte tank sizes are used and recommended electrolyte levels are maintained. However, reducing power by 5% will extend operational endurance to 8 hours and longer depending upon the ambient temperature at your installation site. Your Hybrid Hydrotech Authorized Dealer will recommend advanced system cooling options, should your unique operational environment require additional cooling.


The HydroTube performance figures listed in the "Price and Performance" section of our website are based on maximum recommended power.


To see a YouTube video demonstrating the HydroTube's efficiency and purity, click here.