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Hydrogen gas based cutting and welding is rapidly gaining popularity. Cutting and welding using Hydrogen-on-Demand eliminates the need for heavy gas tanks that take space, and run out of gas when you need it.

Cutting and Welding can use large volumes of gas in the 1,000's of liters per hour on a continouous basis. HydroTube is designed to provide more than enough Hydrogen and Oxygen for the most demanding requirements.

Hydrogen based cutting and welding is clean, efficient, and cost effective.
HydroTube technology is a perfect fit for the following reasons:
  • HydroTube expandability allows the manufacturer to design machines to meet small to large welding requirements without fundamentally changing the basic machine design.
  • HydroTube's gas separation capability means that going from welding to cutting is simply a matter of adjusting the amount of pure Oxygen to the tip. Oxygen that the HydroTube aleady produces, at no extra cost.
  •  HydroTube based machines introduce Oxygen at the end of the welding tip which practically eliminates the chance of an accidental explosive event.. Dangerous flashback explosions do not occur because Hydrogen cannot burn without Oxygen as the oxidizer, and Oxygen does not burn without the Hydrogen fuel source.
Whether you require 100 liters/hr, 1,000 liters/hr, something in between, or something more, choose the HydroTube that meets your needs.