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HydroTube® Accessory Pricing

  Power Controller   Gas Cleanser & Purifier  
  Part # Description   Part # Description  
HydroForce-12/24  HydroTube power controller. Provides optimal power during cell operation and is made to the highest standards of design and component quality.

HydroForce PWM features Include:
  1. Works with 12 or 24 volt charging systems.
  2. Handles high loads up to 90 amps continuous. (model dependent)
  3. Efficient design needs no cooling fan.
  4. Constant current function keeps current steady.

8" x 3" purifier provides a final cleansing of the H2 and O2 gases to remove traces of electrolyte and provide internal system pressure stabilization. (Requires 2 each)

Hydrogen can ignite in hte presence of as little as 5% Oxygen. HydroPure Catalytic processors, remove traces of Oxygen leaving the H2 gas flow up to.99.9995+% pure to allow for
safe storage and compression of Hydrogen gas.
  Operation Enhancement Devices  
  Part # Description  
  Heater Low Temperature Electrolyte Heater and Controller. Prevents potential fluid leakage by automatically maintaining electrolyte temperature at a preset temperature while the HydroTube® is not in use. Recommended if temperatures reach 32°F or less. (Includes 2 each)  
  Cooler High Temperature Electrolyte Cooler and Controller. Prevents electrolyte from over heating to maintain peak efficiency during continuous operation and in high termperature environments. Recommended for temperaturs above 100°F or 12+ hour continuous cell operation. (Includes 2 each)