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Hybrid Hydrotech, LLC designs and manufactures The HydroTube series of Commercial line of economical, reliable, and high performance Hydrogen Generators. The HydroTube efficiently and reliably produce, and separate, high purity electrolytic Hydrogen and Oxygen for an ever increasing variety of uses.

HydroTube generates Hydrogen, as an ultra clean fuel for cutting and welding, transportation, residential, industrial, and a myriad of other uses.


The HydroTube offers configuration adaptability, efficiency between 70% to 75% (P Series), extremely high purity gas, consistent reliability in harsh environments, and is available in a wide range of volume choices.

hen high purity Hydrogen gas is needed, your current options are to:
  • Purchase bulky tanks of compressed gas from a supplier, Hydrogen gas in this form contains Nitrogen as a by-product of the Natural Gas Hydrogen generation process.
  • Purchase a low volume gas separator system. Most of these are marketed to, and purchased by, individuals experimenting with Hydrogen fuel augmentation on their personal vehicle. These products are not designed for harsh environments, and long life. They offer limited expansion, reliability, and the quality of Hydrogen gas is often compromised with high levels of Oxygen.  The effciency range of these devices is 40% to 50%. Gas generators of this type tend to produce ever increasing amounts of heat which can lead to to a condition known as thermal runaway. Hydrogen gas production of these products range from 1 to 3 lpm of H.
  • Purchase a very expensive, low volume, high quality, PEM based gas generator designed to produce hydrogen for laboratory use. (< 1 lpm of H2)

The issues, and limitations, facing consumers have been:

  • How much pure Hydrogen do I need for my application?

  • Is there a product that can produce large volumes of pure H2 gas uncompomised by Oxygen or Nitrogen?

  • Will it operate reliably in my environment?

With HydroTube your only concern needs to be:  How much pure Hydrogen do I want?

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